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Friday, 20 May 2016

Kalkan is just the same - take heart

We have just got back from Kalkan, and everyone is agog to know what it was like and if the atmosphere was any different.  The answer is no.  It is absolutely the same wonderful Kalkan.  There is no tension at all, people have been carrying out improvements, starting new businesses, and investing in the future of Kalkan.

However,  bookings are down, as people are concerned about what to expect, and so I’m sure some local businesses will suffer this year.  Our bookings for last year were the best ever, including several weeks of repeats but this year is very different. We plan to let our family and friends use it more, as there are more free weeks, and are offering discounts to those who do come.  On the other hand, there is an amazing new beach club being opened by our friend Halit and others, next door to Patara Prince Hotel, which will also have a restaurant on a deck next to the sea, and which will be open in the evenings also.  It looks very luxurious and the swimming is lovely in that spot. 

Here are some photos of our upgraded apartment, including our wonderful new windows and king sized bed with the most comfortable mattress.  To wake up there and gaze out at that view, I still can barely believe it!

We went out with my sister, and it was her first time in Kalkan.  We had a wonderful time showing her around.  Up in the mountains, bird watching, a day in Ucagiz and Kekova on a boat with other friends out there, turtles a bit scarce on the ground this time but we did see one or two.  Marvellous lunch – course after course, it just keeps coming.  Then back via Kas for a little shopping.  It is the most perfect day – following the sunset on the way home.  Wonderful.

Lynne and I were picked up by Halit and driven to Patara Beach at 6 am one morning for a 5 mile fast walk barefoot on the beach.  It was amazing.  Birds had been there before us, and the sand was marked with bird’s claw marks of all sizes.  Huge sculptural pieces of bleached driftwood dot the  beach, and we didn’t see another soul.  What a way to start the day.

On our last day we packed up and left early and spent the day with friends who have a villa in Gocek.  They also have a boat and we spent the day zooming and pottering about the numerous islands in the most beautiful conditions.  Lunch was freshly caught sea bass, shepherd’s salad and chips  on an island with just one building on it – a small restaurant with a pontoon for boats.  We were the only ones.   We fed their goats, swam (the water was so warm) saw many turtles but all too soon time to get to the airport and fly home to freezing England.

We can’t wait for September so if we can we are going to try and go back for a few days in late June. 


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